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Environmental Education Programme run by Stephen Savage, Biologist, Environmental Educator and Natural History Author

Stephen has over 30 years of experience as an educator and author


Having lived near the coast all my life, the marine environment has  provided many fascinating hours of exploration from tide pools and strandine to visiting seabids and marine mammals. I am a member of the management committee for the Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve  and I am also Regional Coordinator for the Sea Watch Foundation monitoring and recording dolphins and seas in the sea and rivrs of Sussex.


I previously worked in a public aquarium  as education officer. The Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve designated in 2006, is also the beach where I grew up as a child so it has a special interest to me. Shoreham Beach, a shingle spit, is also at the mouth of the river Adur  and provides dynamic examples of coastal processes.


Shoreham also has a fascinating maritime history and the formation of the shigle spit is tied in closely with the Shoreham Harbour and ship building which included vessels that protected the coast against pirates.


Marine Environment

As a biologist Environmental Educator and Wildlife Author  I visit many habitats from coastline to countryside and our education programme is based very much on these experiences. I have worked as an environmenmtal educator since 1986 initially as education officer in a public aquarium and later for other NGO's


I now run my own independant enviromental education programme and also develop and run sesisons for other organisations includng Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve, Lewes Railwayland Nature Reserve, Foredown Tower and the Wildlife Trusts



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Urban Environment

While we have some stunning countryside In Sussex , I often find the best opportunities for wildlife watching are on my own doorstep such as in my garden and local park. The urban wildlife sessions have been designed to encourage people to take a closer look at their own local habitats, such as their own garden, local parks and green spaces and of school grounds course.


I have been involved in school grounds development since 1986. The work has focused on school grounds for wildlife, as a teaching resource and for wellbeing of pupils and teachers.

This include working with the Brighton & Hove Sustainability Team, including a school grounds BAP, a sustainable schools project called Enguage and the EYE (Eco Young Engaged) Project and Science Teachers Conferences with the South East Grid for Learning

 Marine  Studies        Marine Conservation      Urban and School                Literacy

  • Seashore and Sussex marine education.


  • Science and geography.


  • Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve


  • Bringing the seashore into the classroom

  • Ocean Literacy


  • What does the ocean do for me?


  • Local and global issues


  • Adventures of Ed and Bella - globally travelling bears

  • Education projects focusing on urban widlife and habitats.


  • School grounds wildlife sessions


  • Developing school grounds for wildlife and as a teaching resource


  • School grounds habitat mapping

  • Literacy projects.


  • Stand alone activities


  • Sessions based around some of the books I have written


  • Ed and Bella project travelling bears creating  real life narratives 

                                                          SPECIAL PROJECTS     


Railway Land Live! Wetland Project

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Railway Land Live! Is an exciting two year project that will bring the freshwater wildlife of the Lewes Railway Land Local Nature Reserve to schools and communities across East and West Sussex. It will interpret and explain natural heritage in innovative and accessible ways.


I am currently lead freshwater biologist and lead field teacher for this project and have been involved with Railwayland Live! from the early planning stages

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