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Bella Bear's World of Water is part of the One World One Ocean Programme, focusing on the important role that oceans play in the planet and our daily lives.


The project explores the wealth of marine life, both locally and globally,  and helps us to understand the various threats to the marine environment.



Ed the Bear has been exploring the oceans since 2009. So far he has visited many location in USA​, South Africa and even Antartica. Click the photo above for a link to One World One Ocean.


Working with schools

The Bella Bear project makes connections between people, wildlife and places. The three main links explored are between Sussex, Madagascar and the Peru Amazon.


Bella Bear's World of Water Project explores all aspects of water, including water as part of the landscape, as a home for wildlife, watersheds and the water cycle and of course how we all rely on water too.


The project explores the link with the ocean as a source of freshwater in the form of clouds and how water run off feeds rives and eventually flows back to the sea.


Water is an essential part of all habitats and many animals have adapted to live in water. However, many more animals rely on freshwater habitats. They can be a source of water to drink, to bathe, to catch food, lay their eggs and much more.


Not only do we have a carbon foot print, we have a water foot print as well. You might be surprised to discover just how big your water foot print is. Vast quantities of freshwater are used in industry and food production and we buy these products so it is part of our water foot print.


When all you need to do is turn on a tap, it’s really easy to take water for granted until of course we have an extended dry spell, However for some countries a shortage of freshwater has always been a constant threat and Bella has been exploring how people and wildlife cope in these conditions. And with our global climate changing, the distribution of freshwater water may change with it.






You can discover more about Ed the Bear's on going adventures by visiting his online web journal Adventures of Ed the Bear 


or by visiting Ed the Bears website One Ocean Adventures of Ed the Bear    

Bella Bear's World of Water Project is available to be booked by schools as a dynamic and unique way of engaging with the freshwater habitats, aquatic life, rivers and conservation seen through the eyes of our travelling bear.
Bella's travels to Madagascar and the Amazon make great case studies for children to compare a local and global habitat and people who live in other countries.


The project allows a unique cross curriculum approach through science literacy, geography - a river from source to sea, history, culture, art, IT and more.

Bella Bear is based at the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve. Click the following link to see the reserve website


This project is a partnership between Stephen Savage, Bella's World of Water and the Lewes Railway land Wildlife Trust.


Stephen is a Biologist AMRSB, Environmental Educator and Wildlife Author who set up and runs both the Adventures of Ed the Bear and  Bella's World of Water.



Lewes Railway Land Wildlife Trust owns and runs the Linklater Pavilion, education centre for the study of environmental change, at the entrance to Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve and works in close partnership with Lewes District Council  who own and manage the site.

Bella in the Amazon Peru

Bella at the Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve, Sussex UK

Bella in Ambohimanga Madagascar

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