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The One World One Ocean Project  is a celebration of the oceans and is based on the real life travels of a bear called Ed.


The projects also shows how we are all connected to the global ocean and in turn benefit in many ways from weather, climate, freshwater, oxygen, food and much more. The project also looks at global conservation issues and local consequences.


You can follow Ed the Bears travels online and schools can book a visit from Ed the Bear as a dynamic and unique way of engaging with the oceans, marine wildlife and conservation as seen through the eyes of our travelling bear.

Linking Schools with Real Science and Real Scientists

Ed the Bear has been visiting scientists and other experts around the world to learn about the oceans. Since 2009 he has visited beautiful places and encountered some amazing wildlife.


Ed the bear has also witnessed first hand the damage caused to the ocean by climate change, rising temperatures, plastic pollution and other threats.


He has also meet some amazing people who have a passion for the ocean and who are helping to protect marine life and discovered how we can all help protect the ocean.


You can explore this site to find out more about the ocean and Ed the Bears global travels.

Hi, my name is Ed the Bear and I have been travelling the oceans since 2009.



I have been visiting scientists and other experts around the world to learn about the ocean and also about how the health of the ocean is threatened

The Adventure Begins

Ed the Bear lives in the beautiful county of Sussex in the UK, next to the Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve. During the summer the beach pebbles on the reserve are covered by a living carpet of colour formed by special shingle plants. These plants form a unique habitat called vegetated shingle.


This habitat is rare in the UK and also globally. These stunning shingle plants grow at the top of the beach and all the way down to the high tide mark and have adapted to survive the harsh conditions on the beach.














The vegetated shingle habitat it protected by the nature reserve and the Friends of Shoreham Beach. But when Ed the Bear hears about the dangers of climate change, sea level rise he wonders if Shoreham Beach might be in danger.                                                                  


There are many news reports but this does not help in fact it leaves Ed the Bear even more confused.

So Ed the Bear decides that to understand what climate change is all about he must first learn what creates our weather and climate and how the ocean is linked to our lives on land. He plans to go on an expedition to find out these things first hand and to meet scientists and other experts who can help him to understand.


So starts a marvellous adventure that takes Ed the Bear to amazing places                                                    around the world. As a guest of various scientists and experts Ed also                                                            encounters some of the fascinating and beautiful creatures that live in                                                                the sea.


He witnesses first hand some of the damage that we are all doing to the                                                        ocean and also meets inspirational people who are helping to repair this                                                               damage. Ed also learns how  we can all help the planet  by living in a more                                                         sustainable and caring way.  








Ed the Bear has learned many things about the ocean during his travels. He has discovered how we rely on the ocean every day. How it creates and moderates our climate and weather. How the ocean provides freshwater and also 50% of the oxygen on the planet. He has learned how the ocean is a source of food, medicines and new sources of energy. The ocean is also a place of wellbeing and inspiration.


Ed has also discovered that while climate change is a vast and complicated issue, it is made up of many smaller problems that we can measure. Climate change is warming the ocean which is disrupting food chains, killing coral reefs and creating storms and coastal erosion. Ed discoveerd that even animals around our own coast are being affceted by sea temperature change. Ed also learned how the oceans are expanding due to sea temperature rise (thermal expansion) which along with melting polar ice is contributing to sea level rise and possible flooding.


Ed the Bears investigations have also focused on marine pollution in particular the damage caused to ocean wildlife by plastic debris in its many forms from plastic packaging to microplastics. He has investigated plastic pollution on many beaches (including Shoreham), found plastic while diving on coral reefs and wtnessed the plight of the Laysan Albatross in Hawiian Islands that die from swallowing plastic. 







What has Ed the Bear learned so far?

Ed the Bear has now been travelling since 2009 and shares some of what he has learned while he is travelling to new places and also shares his adventures back home in the UK by visiting schools and special events.  You can book a visit from Ed the Bear or you can follow his adventures on his weblog.










NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries in the United States

Since Ed the Bear first visited the NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries in 2010 Ed the Bear has had a special connection with these stunning underwater reserves. Each has its own unique and diverse underwater treasures  from coral reefs and kelp forest to shipwrecks


Click the NOAA logo (right) to find out more about these facsinating sites

The Adventure so far 2009 to 2015

 Ed the Bear in 2016

This is a rough representation of destinations as some repeat visits are overlapped. Click map above for a list of destinations so far.





Ed the Bear is on a new Adventure, heading off down the English Chanel and into the Atlantic Ocean with Ed Wade-Martins from Moving Sounds and the crew of Moondancer.


Ed the Bear has been reporting back from his adventure which will include an investigation of the North Atlantic Gyre and plastic pollution.

Click the photos below to short cut the following pages and links

Learn more about me and my travels

Discover why my beach at Shoreham UK is so speacial

Discover where I will be travelling to next 

Meet some of the experts I have met in my travels

Some of the dangers to marine wildlife that I have witnessed

The speacial craft I use to explore the ocean

Working with schools

Find out more about Ocean Literacy


Contact us for more information


Shoreham Beach Local Nature Reserve and Sussex Marine Programme



Some of the animals I have encountered on my travels.  

How you can help protect the ocean too.

Keep upto date on my travels by visiting my weblog. 

 Friends of Ed the Bear Project

Bell Bear's World of Water Project - freshwater the most valuable resource for nature and humans.

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